The infinite moment of us

The infinite moment of us

By Lauren Myracle

I would like to start off and say I enjoyed this book a lot. It was an amazing read for me, a teen. It covered pretty much every aspect of falling in love. I did review this book on Goodreads, it just a little short review though. I gave this book a 5 out of 5. I would have given it a 4.5 but they don’t do half stars. I am going to be honest, the very pretty book cover caught my eye, so I picked it up. After writing my review I scrolled down and read others opinions about the books. I do not let people influence my opinion but a lot of people either really liked it, or thought it was horrible. Now I was on the spectrum of really liking it (for the most part.) A lot of the people who didn’t like it were in the age range of 20-40 average, and I noticed a common theme. They all said they hated that it was anti-feminism. This book was published on the brink of the feminist movement. I would also like to address the ex-girlfriend Starrla. She is just like a tumor on Charlie until he decides to get it removed. Wren and Charlie are adorable together. Wren to say at least is a little naïve. One review stated “About a girl living for her parents, girl meets boy, girl starts living for boy instead.” Couldn’t have been truer. But overall, this book is really for teens and I think they could relate a lot to it. I’m not trying to get you not to read the book but to open your eyes even more while you read it.


Hello :-)

Hello, I would like to introduce myself as Jessica, a girl who loves to read books. I recently discovered the book tube community on YouTube and got hooked. This is so cool I thought, but I didn’t have anything to actually start a channel, so the next best thing, a blog. I love hearing peoples opinions on good books to read, because lets face it we can’t own every book in the bookstore, so its nice when someone talks great about a book that your into, your probably more apt to check it out. I really hope you guys and girls like my blog and comment if you want me to review/read any certain book.

Hope to hear from you soon,